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Ceropegia rendalli 2014

Ceropegia albisepta 2014

New 'Ceropegia' series 2014

*bhlo- 10m scroll drawing: details

'Knitted' glass by Carol Milne

Fibre-woven research pavilion 2013-14, ICD/ITKE University of Stuttgart

Aquilegia vulgaris with male Calliope Hummingbird, 2014 and Bulbul eating Berries, 2015

Insightful thoughts on botanical artists

Botanical style fashion 2014

Moluccella laevis in progress

Brushed with genius: the botanical art of Rory McEwen, by Robin Lane Fox

Agostino Arrivabene floral headdress with insects and pulverised gold

New decorative eggs for Avoova

Sweetpea Triptych 2014 nearing completion

Sweetpea Triptych: work in progress 2

Sweetpea Triptych: work in progress 2014

Billy Showell's floral shoes

Cape Blue Lotus - in progress