12 September 2013

Karoo Violets - Aptosimum indivisum 2013

Aptosimum indivisum, watercolour and crayon on Canson, 18 x 25 cm, 2013

Karoo Violets - in progress 2

Almost there - blossoms still needing depth and volume.  The pollinators of Aptosimum indivisum are 10 mm long pollen wasps which can crawl down the long "gullet" and extract nectar with their long retractable tongues. Aptosimum, from Greek, refers to the seedpods which stay on the plant, not falling to earth. Indivisum refers to the compact plant bunch, as opposed to other, outward spreading Aptosimii. Of medicinal value, the Karoo Violet was cultivated in England from seed as early as 1815.