25 February 2012

New Watercolours

Portraits of Lathyrus (Sweetpeas), watercolour on Arches paper, 41 x 31 cm, Private Collection, Germany

21 February 2012

Ancient Plants Resurrected from Siberian Permafrost


How amazing is this: a 32,000 year old Silene Stenophylla seed producing such an exquisite flower! This is the oldest successful regeneration of a living plant from ancient tissue. Nothing beats the power of plants...

16 February 2012

Count down to Design Indaba Expo 2012, Cape Town March 1-4

It's great to be finalising my new baby mohair sofa pillow and cushion collection for a return to Design Indaba, together with the Cape Craft and Design Institute - some of the new cuddly weaves, just in  time for the southern winter