20 December 2010

Weaving in architecture 2

asymptote architecture: kaohsiung port terminal

kaohsiung port terminal, asymptote architecture, kaohsiung, taiwan

images and drawings courtesy of asymptote architecture

the interwoven structure of the curved
roof provides shelter to the natural elements
and illumination in the evenings when
various activities are taking place.
the design, a geometric, scale-like pattern
offers a continually transforming
environment, affected by light, shadow
and time of day

06 December 2010

Weaving in architecture

NL architects: tower of power

Countdown for "Indigènes", Grande Provence, 16.January 2011

Eight new medium format Flower Portraits are almost ready for the Small Gallery at Grande Provence. Based on indigenous flora, they will complement a selection of drawings from Rome and later, a hand smithied indigenous flower sculpture and soft furnishings featuring organic marine flora. I grew up with a print of Tretchikoff's "Lost Orchid" from the late 1940's so this is a major source for how I understand flowers. Tretchikoff also knew that flowers have characters, and I'm delighted the 1st retrospective of his work will be held at the SANG in 2011.