08 June 2012

Wings of Life

Rarely seen by the naked eye, WINGS OF LIFE allows you to experience the most intimate intersection of the animal and plant worlds, the mystical moment where life regenerates itself over and over again.

What motivates them?, I would ask my scientific advisors. “It’s all about risk and reward” Why? “Because they want to survive.” Why? “So they can reproduce?” Why? And one scientist pondered it deeply and replied “Nothing lasts forever, everything in the universe wears out.” That blew my mind. Because at that moment I realized that Nature invented reproduction as a mechanism so life can continue as a force of energy that passes through us, a link in the evolution of Life. 

WINGS OF LIFE presents the unsung heroes of the global food chain. You will witness, as never before, fantastic journeys that are full of wonder, drama and beauty. Theirs is a fragile ecosystem, essential for sustaining life on the planet. Now threatened by mankind, this is a chance to see their world as never before. Visually stunning and emotional, the story is told from the flower’s point of view. For the first time ever, you will witness a world hidden from the naked eye—and it will be an experience you will never forget.
- Louie Schwartzberg, cinematographer, producer and director of WINGS OF LIFE, due for release in 2012