09 August 2011

Simplicity says it all

One painted vase - using design language from a Sally Arnold ™ woodcut dated 2004 - in a beautifully designed private residence in Swedish Malmö

08 August 2011

A magical phenomenon called colour


Colour is at the heart of evolution.

The first thing to remember is that colour does not actually exist… at least not in any literal sense.... What exists is light. Light is real. You can measure it, hold it and count it (well … sort-of). But colour is not light. Colour is wholly manufactured by your brain. 

Think of the relationship between insects and flowers (flowers are not coloured for our benefit, but for theirs), or of all the different colours of animals and how they either blend into their environment or, like the peacock, stand out in order to attract attention.... 
Read more at http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/science-environment-14421303